"Daniel Mananta: The Prodigal Patriot"

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I love everything. I enjoy all the process and experience." This talented 32-year- old is a presenter, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and a rapper in the making. "I like togrow as a person, I wanna have as much experience as I can while I still live.

Have you ever been involved in a long distance relationship?" asked the recipient of Panasonic Gobel Awards 2013 for Best Talent Show Presenter. "That's what triggered me to launch Damn! I Love Indonesia clothing brand. Prior to my 7 years of studying in Australia, I felt so fed up about everything in Indonesia. I felt like I went through everything there is to know about the country and had about enough. But when I spent those seven years abroad, I suddenly felt such longing towards Indonesia, like I've lost my Indonesia and missed every single thing about it. So when I went back here to Jakarta, I felt such a huge relief. From then on, I never took Indonesia for granted, and I'm really super grateful to be living in this rich country."

The first thing Daniel noticed about Indonesia since his arrival is how the youth has negative perception on their own country, with the traffic, the pollution, and the politics, "If all the youth posses this kind of attitude, then when will Indonesia grow?" His clothing brand, which was initiated on October 28, 2008, has increasingly grown and has seven outlets so far. On October 28, 2013, those who share the same nationalism among the Damn! I Love Indonesia fans are united in one community called Damn Patriotics, with its roaring tagline: "Patriotism Never Looked This Good". It doesn't stop there for this film enthusiast, together with Damien Lim, Daniel formed a mega entertainment Damn! Inc, which consists of three divisions: modeling, movie, and events.

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